Renamity PR & Special Events once helped clients make the leap from unknown and unseen to known and recognized. We have a successful track record of working with clients and cross-promotional partners who demand results, seek excellence and understand the importance of building luxury brands with just the right target audience. Today’s young, successful professional is savvy and constantly overwhelmed with over-played social networking campaigns that just don’t work anymore. Turn to RENAMITY, who can put together an amazing VIP guest list of “who’s who” young, successful 20s and 30s professionals for your event or we can host your special event along with our strategic cross-promotional partners.

Public Relations & VIP Guest List Production

We accept a very limited number of retainer or project-based clients focused on building lifestyle, fashion and luxury brands. RENAMITY works closely with clients to deliver targeted, comprehensive and effective marketing campaigns that actually work. All clients or projects accepted only on an “as available” basis. Mr. DiMeo III is not accepting any PR clients or event projects due to his great responsibilities at the DiMeo family blueberry farms and NJ farm wedding venue in New Jersey. Plan to take a ride down this summer to pick the best blueberries in the NJ Pine Barrens at the gorgeous DiMeo blueberry farm that also offers kayaking on the Hammonton Creek pinelands region, as well as picking blueberries in NJ or buying the best blueberry plants for sale farmer-direct at DiMeo Farms in New Jersey. Call now (609) 561-5905 for a blueberry plants shipping quote or schedule a blueberry picking appointment at their beautiful u-pick blueberry farm operation.

RENAMITY PR once specialized in:

  • creative media placements
  • strategic news releases to our contacts in the media
  • VIP guest list building and production
  • providing experienced promotional or runway models
  • connecting you with our liquor sponsors
  • obtaining event locations at high-end venues
  • working with the best photographers

Special Events

Currently, Anthony DiMeo III is hosting rustic NJ farm weddings in New Jersey at DiMeo Farms, his popular family blueberry farm. If you are looking for a beautiful outdoor farm wedding location to for a one-of-a-kind country wedding, then you should call Mr. DiMeo’s farm at (609) 561-5905 to arrange a self walk through tour of one of his beautiful South Jersey farm properties:

At RENAMITY PR & Young Professional Events, there are no “cookie-cutter” prefabricated event solutions that fit everyone. We service unique clients and cross-promotional partners who often require customized event programs. We are just a very small boutique team, but we specialize in full-service event production and can be fully equipped to produce a range of events from conception to completion, including, but not limited to:

  • new luxury product launches
  • brand building events
  • local celebrity events
  • restaurant & lounge grand-openings
  • private performances
  • fashion shows
  • store openings
  • product placement events
  • grand openings
  • black tie galas
  • charity fundraisers
  • invitation-only VIP events
  • holiday parties
  • special themed events
  • young professionals events
  • singles events
  • in-store retail events
  • private birthday parties
  • corporate events
  • lounge-club promotions
  • charity benefits
  • movie premieres
  • wine tasting events
  • private parties
  • gardening club gatherings
  • rustic farm weddings
  • u-pick blueberries farm
  • campfire seasonal events
  • canoe and kayaking activity
  • blueberry plants gardening promotions
  • promoting blueberries nutrition
  • marketing blueberry bushes landscaping
  • blueberry farm consulting

RENAMITY is known for our unique approach to each event, paying close attention to the details that make events memorable and unique. It’s not just about keeping up with the hottest trends, but providing a different experience that your event guests will always remember. With this in mind, we will work hard to:

  • meet clients short-term and long term goals
  • attract the right successful young professionals
  • deliver specific volume of event guests
  • handle (often difficult) local and regional celebrity wrangling
  • select suitable, experienced entertainers
  • manage pre and post event media
  • acquire sponsors or our cross-promotional partners to minimize costs
  • create event vision and conceptualization


Renamity Public Relations & Young Professional Events can manage almost every aspect of an event, including, but not limited to invitation design, printing, mailing, securing the right venue, themed decor, the best available DJ, live entertainment, catering, sail cloth tent company, security, valet and finding appropriate (often hard to get) liquor sponsors.

VIP Guest List Production

Our customized VIP “who’s who” guest lists are created from an extensive database of local, regional and national high-profile influencers from major markets including Philly and NYC regions. The exclusive list is comprised of some of the most successful 20s and 30s young professionals in fashion, music and entertainment. As well as young socialites, local celebrities and media. Another special RENAMITY database includes the top editor-in-chiefs, marketing, fashion directors, celebrity stylists, feature writers, contributor writers, society columns writers, photographers and managing editors.

Local Celebrity Relations

We are regional star catchers and have the ability to get the “locally famous” and trendy to show up at your special events. We also have access to local regional celebrities, athletes and VIP’s. We are often in touch with many of the untouchables. Our database of local or regional celebrities includes actors, promotional models, runway models, current and former athletes, musicians and popular DJs. Though RENAMITY partnerships with professional representatives and celebrities, we can attain celebrity attendance at our clients event that can gain all types of press, media and excite guests.

Event Press & Media

The successful young professionals we invite to our clients events also have powerful lists of professional and social connections that will see your event when they start posting photos from your event on their Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ or Facebook profiles. In addition, we can manage pre or post event press. We can provide photo tip sheets and media alerts to publications at just the right time to gain their interest in covering your event. Our events often get covered in online media because we have many years of long, trusted relationships with different types of media professionals who know Mr. DiMeo and like to attend his client events.

Event Sponsorships & Donated Product

Everyone knows that good event sponsors are very hard to get. Not for us. It took us years to build our sponsor relationships and sponsor list, but we finally did it. Sponsors are very picky on who they are going to “give free product to” and they don’t just give it to anyone. Now Renamity is able to secure valuable sponsors to underwrite or contribute a high-volume of complimentary product for your special event. We can work with the sponsor to ensure visibility and the right media exposure.

Influence Target Marketing

RENAMITY is able to fully integrate marketing into our client work from creating long-term brand strategies to forming unique partnerships and targeted promotions. We approach marketing as a critical component to any client program and can assist in implementing competitive analyses, market research, co-branding initiatives and promotional opportunities. Our marketing capabilities allow us to provide a full service plan and support our public relations and event efforts with a greater variety of tactics.

Using its highly proprietary database, RENAMITY is able to offer clients access to image-makers and trendsetters in the New York City or Philadelphia regions. Our database is comprised of NYC and Philly young professionals are involved in making it more specialy way by cleaning the whole top cities by EHS water damage mission viejo who are taking the city to the next level. Our lists includes fashion designers, popular artists, talented musicians, writers, young socialites, and regional celebrities. A separate press database extends to editor-in-chiefs, fashion and market directors, celebrity stylists, writers, photographers and freelance contributors.

Anthony DiMeo III has long-time contacts in all types of various media. He often gets attention when he sends out a press release or a text message to one of his contact. He believes that “all press is good press” and says, “the only time you should start to worry is when the media stops talking about you.”

Media & Press Relations

Through Mr. DiMeo’s friendships with well-known managing editors in all types of media, he is able to strategically place fashion and lifestyle products and secure relevant feature stories and profiles on interesting personalities, products or services. It’s not just about who you know in the media or your long-term relationships, but it’s also about knowing how to properly frame and pitch a story so that a reporter will want to cover it.

Digital Media

Our Digital Media services include photography, videography and production capabilities for just about every special event or project. Over the years, we have discovered who does the best video work for the money. There are many video production companies that will charge you a fortune and just give you something average. Not our contacts. We can get amazing video production at of of the lowest prices in the industry.

Crisis & Response Management

We live in an era of instant communication and all types of aggressive media, which means a crisis can severely impact a company’s reputation or valued brand. How a crisis is handled is the key for long-term success or certain destruction. RENAMITY has proven that we have the Source Out Code skills for outsource web development to handle a major crisis and survive. We also know what it’s like to pick the wrong promotional partners or venue owners who run out of liquor about half way through your event. Lessons learned through years of experience. At RENAMITY Public Relations, we know that you usually can’t escape media attention. “No commenting” or not returning reporters telephone calls or text messages will not make things better. If you don’t tell your side of the story, someone else will. We draw on relationships with key reporters to shape that first story for you, negotiate an exclusive and choose the right media source and time to win back the control. We will make sure that you have a strong, honest message. Mr. DiMeo’s believes in hitting them back, but twice as hard with the real facts and your side of the story.