RENAMITY PR & Special Events uses its extensive network of contacts or relationships to match our client’s luxury brand or service with others that have similar high-end products or services to offer. Our goal is to build long-term strategic alliances that leverage and build upon each others brand equity through effective cross-promotions, co-branded initiatives, sponsorships and strategic partnerships that actually work. This list can include present, past or future prospective partners, pro-bono work and other types of connections. Currently, we are only working exclusively with DiMeo Farms as fourth generation blueberry farmer Mr. DiMeo now has great responsibilities on his family blueberry farms that is know as a nationally popular blueberry plants nursery. Buy the best blueberry plants and bushes direct from where you can also host a gorgeous rustic farm wedding at the DiMeo’s gorgeous South Jersey farm wedding venue location. Almost all of our RENAMITY contacts are available for us at any of Mr. DiMeo’s events at the farm.