NJ Farm Wedding Venue in South Jersey

SaturdayDiMeo Farms@8:00pm

DiMeo Farms can recommend the best farm wedding planners in NJ for your special outdoor-only farm wedding venue location in New Jersey. Mr. DiMeo’s long time cross-promotional partners offer gorgeous sail cloth white farm wedding tents and the best rustic farm blueberry plant wedding decorations for your special bridal day. Before you book a New Jersey country wedding, give the DiMeo Blueberry Farm a call DiMeo Farms now to get a fast farm wedding pricing (609) 561-5905 and take a self-walk through tour of the DiMeo’s popular South Jersey farm wedding venue location.  One call. All your answers. Make your NJ farm wedding original unlike all the other “cookie cutter” venue options: www.DiMeoFarms.com

Sail Cloth Tent at DiMeo Farms in Hammonton, New Jersey

Sail Cloth Wedding Tent at DiMeo Farms in New Jersey. CALL (609) 561-5905